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Can't verify domain

The mata tag has been successfully added, but the domain still not verified

Asked about a month ago
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For Meta tag: try debugging with the Sharing Debugger (

Common reasons for a failure include: - Expired Domain Certificates: Any outdated certifications preventing our scraper from running will be listed in the "<!>Warnings That Should Be Fixed" Section. - The Metatag Wasn't Added Correctly: In the "URLs" section, click on the link provided for "See exactly what our scraper sees for your URL". Ctrl+F on the page and if you do not find the tag, it was not added correctly. - FB Scraper Failed: In the "Time Scraped" Section, press the "Scrape Again" button. Then, follow the same steps in 2 to check what our scraper pulled. - Metatag Added after Dynamic Content: FB's crawler does not execute JavaScript while crawling so the metatag needs to be part of the page that is static. If it is part of the page that is loaded dynamically by JavaScript, FB's crawler will not read it. Thus, using a tool like Google Tag Manager will not work, because it utilizes JavaScript.

April 8 at 11:29 AM