Degraded Performanceshare-external
Why after adding custom conversion they do not turn into active even though I clicked refresh w few times on the website??

I've never had that problem. I added new custom conversions but they do not change into active ones even though I keep going to the website they are connected to. Don't know what to do at this point. I was advised to configure measurement of aggregate events, which I did. After that - the conversions that were inactive dissapeared - I can't even see them on the list as inactive! At this point I was directed here to ask for help. Please help! What is going on?? I tried to add one of them again, but there is the same problem - it is showing it as inactive

Asked about 3 weeks ago

Hmm this still sounds like an Ads Support issue, not sure why you were directed here. Can you provide any screenshots that show your issue?

April 13 at 4:17 PM