Will Standard Access increase my Account Rate Limit?

I'm collecting ad-level insights for a large amount of ads. I quickly hit my "acc_id_util_pct" rate limit, and runtime takes ~5 hours.. hoping to get this down to <3 hours. I'm backing off and sleeping when I approach my rate limit, no errors being thrown.

I noticed some docs that said upgrading your app to Standard API access will increase your rate limit, but figured they're talking about "app_id_util_pct". Will upgrading to Standard API access increase "acc_id_util_pct"? Or will it only increase "app_id_util_pct"?

If it only increases "app_id_util_pct", is there any way to increase "acc_id_util_pct"?

Asked about 2 weeks ago
Selected Answer

I think you should check out the docs for Business Use Case Rate Limits (https://developers.facebook.com/docs/graph-api/overview/rate-limiting/#buc-rate-limits): Advanced Access is much higher than Standard Access. The formula for rate limits is a function of # of ads and # of user errors.

April 8 at 3:28 PM