Is there any law restriction?

Hi, I am coming from Montenegro. Currently I am building a fun cards game which I want to host as a facebook application shortly. I want to monetize the game by selling tokens that the players will be able to use in game to make purchases. The next monetization coming from advertisement campaigns(an sponsor will pay me to have their brand displayed in my game). And also there will be monetization from donation Since the market I will be targeting is the United Kingdom and USA and also the servers where I will be hosting are located in the United Kingdom and USA, I just wanted to reachout to you to ask if is there any law or restriction I need to take into consideration, before I launch my game on facebook. Also if I am making money from advertisement is it ok if in game I put the logo of my sponsor or I am forced to exclusively use facebooks marketing campaigns? I tried to find some of the answers to my questions online but I got a bit confused you, hence why I thought to just email and ask you directly.

Asked about 2 months ago

is there anyone to answer

December 7 at 11:39 PM