Facebook disabled my app and is not replying to my appeal. What can I do?

I am launching my app this saturday and, as you can imagine, am relying on facebook connect.

My app was approved last summer for facebook log in authentication (iOS & Android) They tried to do the yearly review for compliance but unfortunately they were unable to do so because they say they did not have log ins information (email + password). However, they must have had it since they need them to approve my app in the at first.

They sent me an email to warn me that I had 14 days to send them the log in information but their email arrived in my spams...

Now, my app has been disabled and my only option was to write an appeal which is supposed to get a reply the next working day (which was 3 days ago).

I tried to test the Facebook log in authentication this afternoon and, weirdly, it worked on iOS but not on Android.

What can I do to fix this and how can I contact facebook or get a reply from facebook please ?

Thank you in advance. Best,

Asked about 3 months ago