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FB Webhooks received via Windows Service. App review necessary?

Hello everyone, I want to receive new leads via webhooks. I have created a Windows service that can handle WebHooks. Does my Windows service need an app review?

Asked about a month ago
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Depends on what permissions you're planning on using and what your app already has access to:

April 8 at 2:09 PM

Thanks for the answer.

The goal is, to download the Facebook leads automatically via a Windows service without UI. The Facebook leads are then processed in our system.

For a lead we need the fields that are also available in .csv: ad_id, ad_name, campaign_id, campaign_name, form_id, form_name, custom_form_field_name, full_name, email and phone_number.

If I have understood the Facebook hooks system correctly, it is not possible when the hook is sent to my server that all required fields are sent at the same time. Only a hook is sent with the Leads_id. I then have to call up the lead individually using the Leads_id. Is that right at all?

My research has shown: I need the rights to register the hooks: leads_retrieval, pages_manage_ads, pages_manage_metadata and pages_read_engagement.

To retrieve the individual leads, the rights: ads_management, leads_retrieval, pages_show_list, pages_read_engagement and pages_manage_ads.

regards, Kostas

April 14 at 8:08 AM