"Data belonging to people who have roles on your app" alert issue

We received an alert that we are somehow accessing role user data while our app is in Live Mode. We are confused about the "data belonging to people who have roles on your app" part. Specifically, because the majority of the listed permissions have already been approved and we can't re-apply since they're active. Was this just a general error? Am I about to lose all app permissions? We only have one active role on the app and it's using approved permissions.

Asked about a month ago
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Hi Scott

We were wondering about this too - see my post here for details: https://developers.facebook.com/community/threads/1088700424861403/

In short, if you can't re-apply, everything should be ok on your end.

I don't have the impression that they answer our questions here, so I'll get back in the thread above when I have news. I'd really appreciate it if you do the same!

Good luck with it all!

October 27 at 2:02 AM