We are not able to add user_photos permission to out current FB Live APP.

We are not able to add user_photos permission to our current FB Live APP. There is no user_photos permission listing under the app permissions tab. Does anyone have the same issue?

Thanks, Kripadas k

Asked about a month ago
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Hi, I am able to request user_photos in the App Dashboard, in the "App Review" section under "Permissions and Features".

I see that already approved items are not requestable anymore (they're in the list, but there's no request button), so if this is what you see, you should already have permissions for it.

Good luck with it all!

October 22 at 1:11 AM

It says I can only get this with Business Review, but I have already done that?

October 22 at 1:38 AM

Yes, it looks like it always tells you that you need to verify your business, regardless of whether you've already had it verified. If you go through the steps to verify, you'll be prevented from completing and that - I think - means that everything is ok...

October 22 at 1:42 AM

There is no user_photos permission avilable under permissions list. Im searched the same but no such a permission found.

October 22 at 2:34 AM

Also, the Additional Details in the bottom of this page may be useful: https://developers.facebook.com/docs/permissions/reference/user_photos

  • This permission or feature requires successful completion of the App Review process before your app can access live data.
  • This permission or feature is only available with business verification. You may also need to sign additional contracts before your app can access data.

Have you been through business verification?

October 22 at 4:28 AM