Shopify's Facebook Pixel Implementation and Server Side API event_id

I wrote my own Server Side API to send my Shopify Purchase events to my Facebook Pixel via Marketing API's Server Side API.

The problem is Shopify does not implement event_id. They also do not send the proper value for the Purchase Event (they exclude shipping price).

Can I use Server Side API event merging with out event_id?

Additionally can I get access to Event Merge on Facebook enabled on my account.

Event Merging Documentation:

Shopify is aware of these issues, but does not look like they'll resolve them anytime soon (it's been 2-3 years). If Facebook could contact their Facebook Pixel implementation theme, you could help get this issue resolved for all store owners of Shopify.

Asked about 4 months ago
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Hi Joe, we are also trying to move to Shopify Server Side API events. have you been able to resolve this? Is it possible if we pay you to use your code? Thanks

September 29 at 10:15 AM