Attachment Upload Api not working

Hi, I was using this curl to upload video attachemnt for a page token

curl  \
  -F 'message={"attachment":{"type":"video", "payload":{"is_reusable":true}}}' \
  -F 'filedata=@/tmp/abc.mp4;type=video/mp4' \

This curl was working fine in the morning but now it's giving me OAuth Exception. Exact response from API-

{"error":{"message":"(#100) Upload attachment failure.","type":"OAuthException","code":100,"error_subcode":2018047,"fbtrace_id":"A2hkvhTQlmA98XmcrPvSy8O"}}

Videos that I was able to upload previously are also not working now , so I don't think this is a video size issue. Can someone help?

Asked about 2 months ago