Broken URL Detected


I've successfully implemented user authentication using AWS Amplify, however - I cannot enable my app in production because I receive a "Broken URL Detected" error message.

This is because the Website responds with a 400 Bad request, the site URL I'm using is described in these documents:

How can I enable my application? The Site URL itself should be valid and has been previously working.

Asked about a week ago

Can you explain more on how u get that error? May be can you provide screenshot/screencast?

June 30 at 11:59 PM

I get that error when I click on the switch to move my App from "In development" to "Production". This site doesn't have the ability to attach images but there's a grab of the error modal that appears here:

Facebook is trying to crawl the site but I believe the Cognito user pool has some required query string parameters which is why a 400 bad request is returned.

There's a disconnect between Amplify / Facebook.

July 1 at 1:25 AM
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We had something similar with Android. We did remove the Android platform, switched to Live and added the Android platform again. Hopefully something similar does the job for you too.

11 hours ago