CONVERSIONS. How to get the list of set up pixel Events (Standard and Custom) for Ads account?

I'm creating Campaigns with objective=CONVERSIONS. Have a problem with Ad sets. There is a fixed list of standard events ( and request to get all the custom ones (act_{ad_account_id}/customconversions). But when I try to create an Ad set with one of them (for example, "custom_event_type":"CONTACT" in promoted_object), I get ["error_subcode": [...] / "error_user_title": "New Event Setup Required"] in most of the cases. And everything ok in a few cases that was actually set up ("custom_event_type":"LEAD" for me).

Is there a way to know what events are set up properly before Ad set creation? I need to return a list of working "custom_event_type" to the users of my APP.

Asked about a month ago
Jerry Wee

good question, I have the same problem.

June 24 at 12:52 AM