Using a page's access token, how can I get a post's comments with replies?

I am using a page access token, applying the following query: {page-id}?fields=id,feed.limit(5){message,comments{id,message,from,permalink_url,comments.limit(5){id,message,created_time,from,permalink_url}}}

And the list does not contain the 'from' key in any of the comments returned.

I have tried a number of different ways to access this... using a specific post id from my page and trying to get all the comments from that single post (instead of accessing the feed edge)... but I still don't get the from key on the comments, so I don't know who is posting.

I've been following documentation from the following pages:

Aditionally; I have double-checked, and I am using the access_token for the page I am trying to access info from. I am an admin of said page. I am using the graph explorer tool to make these failed attempts.

Any help with this will be appreciated. Thanks in advance! :)

Asked about 3 months ago