APP DOMAIN FIELD – What Value is Needed

Hello. I am having an issue with the “domain” field when linking an ad account with my app.

Simply put, I have an iOS app that I want to advertise. I already made the Facebook Ads account, created the ads, and I then saw a message saying “You do not currently have any apps available to advertise for. In order to advertise an app, you’ll need to register your app on Facebook.”

Once seeing that message, I proceeded to do what Facebook explained per the instructions here:

I created a Facebook Developers account just fine, but I am having trouble completing the “link your ad account with your app” process because the APP DOMAINS field does not seem to want to accept what I am putting in. I was able to go to the App Dashboard > Settings > Basic to view and input other details just fine, but the APP DOMAINS field is not accepting my input.

Facebook says that I supposed to “provide the apple app store url of your app”.

I input exactly what was in the App Store Connect link provided by Apple which is ---

However, after doing so, I get a message as you can see in the screenshot here that says “App domains must match the domain of the Facebook Web Games URL (https), Mobile Site URL, Unity Binary URL, Site URL or Secure Page Tab URL. Please correct at least onf ot ehse domains:”

What is it that I am doing wrong?

This is an iOS only app without any Facebook services.

Thanks in advance.

Asked about 3 months ago