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Different pixel for lead ad

I am creating a Lead Ad using Conversion Leads. I had previously created one CRM integration, using one pixel (data source). I want to create a new Lead Ad with a different pixel. But when I create a new Lead Ad adset, it is set to the former pixel, and does not seem to allow me to change. This is what it says in the adset:

"CRM integration You have completed Close Conversion Leads integration. Pixel: Pixel ID: "

I have not found any way to change this so far. How do I create a new Lead Ad adset which uses the new pixel?

(The reason this is needed: it will use a different Conversion Leads funnel, with different funnel steps.)

Asked about 3 weeks ago
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👋 Hello Aaron, Yes, you can setup a second pixel on your lead ads campaign. simple go to your Facebook Event Settings then click on Data Sources again click on Datasets. then select your second pixel and click on Connected assets then connect your right ads account.

I hope your problem will be fixed. if you need any help feel free to ask me.

February 13 at 4:09 AM
MD Nuru