How to schedule posts with Instagram Content Publishing API?

Even though post scheduling is mentioned as the key feature of the new Content Publishing API, documentation about it is missing from the Content Publishing docs.

Which parameters should we use to schedule posts?

Thanks in advance!

Asked about 2 months ago

Fabio, Im also looking for the documentation about scheduling to Instagram. As you say its the key new feature but no info about how it works? Have you find any info somewhere?

February 26 at 8:54 AM

Hi Claes,

unfortunately I didn't find out anything yet. I tried to ask in comments under the Content Publishing announcement post on the "Facebook for Developers" page, but the only answer I got was "to learn more about Content Publishing API, please check out our developer documentation" 😅

Please vote this issue up, so that maybe it doesn't get buried under the others ✌

February 26 at 9:05 AM

Seems like no one cares about it....

March 4 at 1:59 PM

Any more info on this about how we schedule using the instagram Content publishing API?

April 5 at 5:17 PM
Selected Answer

Hi Fabio, I got my app approved today and having the schedule option is important, since you can do it to Facebook, of course you want to be able to schedule to Instagram at the same time. So I really hope the release the docs soon.

March 5 at 11:49 PM