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"Domain Verification Failed - unable to verify domain"

I have tried to add DNS text records 3 times to my domain in accordance with the IOS updates, and get the same message each time. I followed the click funnel tutorial to add DNS TXT records to my domain ( to a T, waited 72 hours each time, and FB gives me this message each time. It says to contact support if this is the message received. Who should I contact? Or do I need to add more than just DNS records.

Asked about a month ago
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I just verified my domain right now. it's simple you don't need to be wait for 72 hours just add the DNS TXT records and after that on facebook click "Verify" It'll verify instantly.

April 8 at 6:32 AM

For DNS: Use an online tool (like to check that the TXT entry is on the domain (docs: . If it's there, it can take up to 72 hours to verify. You should also try debugging with the Sharing Debugger ( to make sure there's no errors on the URL.

Otherwise, try one of the other verification methods.

April 13 at 9:50 AM