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Do the Social Plugins and the Javascript SDK and Facebook pixels automatically detect CMP consent from Google's Funding Choices CMP?

Google's Funding choices provides it's users the option to include Facebook as a non-TCF 2.0. registered vendor in the Funding Choices CMP. This way, cookie consent is gathered for Facebook and users are informed about Facebooks data usage.

Unfortunately, there is not much information about the way Facebook complies with these consents and whether it automatically checks and respects the TC string from Google's CMP.

Generally, vendors that suppport TCF 2.0. framework based CMPs, and even non-TCF vendors, according to Google should: "respect the TC string passed in the ad request as a query parameter if, the vendor is serving any creative code or pixels on your website/app"...

Now if Facebook is supporting Google's Funding Choices CMP, I would like to ask directly.

Do the following Facebook services/plugins/functionalities: Facebook Pixel, Javascript SDKs, Social Plugins, Facebook Login code and others automatically detect, wait for and respect the consent in the TC string from the CMP or is the site that implements the CMP required to take extra steps to apply this consent to Facebooks functionality and if so? What are the steps can you please provide clear instructions?

I understand, that for the facebook pixel it's an option to wait for a consent with:

Thank You

Asked about 2 weeks ago

Just as additional information.. In multiple documents Facebook advises to use its consent guide that should contain examples. Multiple documents are linking to it, but that consent guide url does not work.. it links to: and there's simply nothing... Is there a valid consent guide?

January 13 at 7:39 PM