Internal Issues Instagram Shop

Hello, I have been trying since mid October to have someone in your Facebook Support Center help me resolve an issue with my Shopify and Instagram shopping feature. The domain is set up correctly and verified, (I have evidence from Shopify and my domain provider that the issue is not with them) and my shop meets your standards ( I was even invited to join the preliminarily stages of the Instagram shop) I have been told many times it is an internal issue and that Facebook Support cannot help me. Every time I ended the chat I asked to speak to a supervisor to make sure my issue is being heard. And every supervisor tells me the same thing that it is an internal issue. After over 10 different attempts the best help I have received was to join this page. I know this is a real shot in the dark, but is there anyone on this page that can help me or take the time to actually look at my case? As a small business owner, Instagram is huge way for me to generate sales and I have been really suffering because of this issue. Thank you in advance.

Asked about 2 months ago