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Hello community:

Sorry about my english because I dont speak it.

I am creating my shop on facebook and instagram and I use my web to finish the purchases. I created a pixel and I created another one by error. I don't know how discart it now. :(

I created too a navegation pixel, this pixel is on my ads account not on my business manager, I see that is ok (green point), and the other is with problems (yellow point). I can use it(green point) because of I have to change the propietary but I don't know how I can do it.

I need import all products of my webshop to my social media and I see that they only appear on my social media when I nav for my website. Is it right? The other question is: what pixel is better to doing an products import: navegation pixel , server pixel or all pixel? I dont understand well... I am lose, totally lose. :(

Asked about 3 months ago
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I think that Pixels can't be deleted. This StackOverflow thread might be helpful for you: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/55186486/how-can-i-remove-facebook-pixel-from-facebook-2019

December 8 at 11:27 AM