Standard - Advanced level not visible in the "Permissions and Features"


We read about the transition from Live and Development modes to the Standard and Advanced access level in Facebook in 2020.

We have a business app that has been live for 4 years. We understand that the Live permissions would be automatically transferred to the Advanced Access Level.

Yet, when we look at our dashboard (Permissions and Features) we still see all features in Live.

We are on API v8.0 currently.

Why do we still see "Live" as opposed to "Advanced Access Level" for all our verified scopes? Is there anything we should do?


Asked about 2 weeks ago
Selected Answer

I don't think that all Live/Dev mode apps have transitioned to the new Access Level type yet. I don't think you need to do anything but if you really want to change your app type, maybe you can try filing a bug report for clarification.

April 8 at 3:19 PM