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Platform Updates: Operation Developer Love

Jason Starr
November 18, 2011

This week, we made the following updates:

  • Added a summary field to the Graph API for notifications (requires manage_notifications permission). In the summary, the unseen_count can be used to populate a notification 'jewel' with the same result as seen on
  • Comments and likes for Open Graph actions may now appear in News Feed and Ticker. For example: "John likes a movie Susan watched."
  • We have added a new policy to the Facebook Credits Terms that prohibits routing Credits from one application to another application without our prior authorization. Please see section 2.14 in Credits Terms for more information.

Facebook Platform Bugs

Activity on bug tool for the last 7 days:

  • 251 new bugs were reported
  • 38 bugs were reproducible and accepted (after duplicates removed)
  • 20 bugs were by design
  • 96 bugs were duplicate, invalid, or need more information

Facebook Stack Overflow Activity

Activity on this week:

  • 473 questions asked
  • 90 questions answered, 19% answered rate
  • 177 questions replied to, 37% reply rate

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