We're sorry, but the information in this post is over a year old and may be outdated. You can look for updated info by browsing our docs or trying a search.

For the past year, we’ve required ad providers operating on Apps on Facebook.com (i.e., Canvas apps) to sign terms with us. These terms ensure that these ad providers are committed to conforming to our user data protection policies and also ensure ad quality for our users. You can see the list of ad providers that have signed these terms here.

Today, we’ve modified our Platform policies to require that developers operating on Facebook.com only use these ad providers in their apps. We will begin enforcing this policy on 2/28, which should provide you and other developers the time required to switch ad providers or to help us sign terms with the ad providers you may be using. We will continue to add other ad providers in the coming weeks. If your ad provider is not on this list, we encourage you to contact them to determine if they are planning on signing our terms.

We welcome your questions in the comments below. If you are an ad or offer network or related service, and wish to contact us directly, please direct inquiries to our ad provider application form.