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September 2009 Platform News

October 1, 2009

As part of our ongoing effort to improve communication with our developer community, we offer you the latest monthly roundup of the announcements, new features, and updates to Facebook Platform that occurred during September, 2009.

This past month saw a flurry of activity around Facebook Connect, with many new products released and updates made to existing code.

New Features

  • Make sure Facebook Connect stays up and running for your site with our suite of automated functional tests.
  • Enhance your real-time Web service with Tornado, Facebook's latest open source project (by way of FriendFeed).
  • Updates

    • We refactored our JavaScript Client Library code. Read the rollout plan for details.
    • fb:share-button has a new attribute called type which can have the values "button" (default), "icon", "link", and "link_icon". These values dictate only whether your Facebook Share interface gets rendered as a link and/or a button.
    • Verify that you're using comment_list in calls to stream.get instead of posts, which we deprecated.
    • Get photo size information from the photo FQL table.
    • Query for allowed_restrictions on the standard_user_info FQL table now.



    Keep an eye on this blog (or subscribe to the RSS feed), the Platform Status Feed (or subscribe to its RSS feed), and the weekly Push Changes articles for announcements, changes, and other important bulletins.

    As always, we appreciate your continued feedback in our Developer Forum -- let us know how we can reach and communicate with you even better.

    pete, the platform technical writer, can't wait to see what october will bring.

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