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Outcome Driven Ad Experiences Update: Upcoming API changes to legacy campaign creation

February 13, 2023ByJay Wei

As announced in December 2021, we redesigned the objective selection experience when creating new campaigns to effectively guide advertisers to campaign setups that help to better achieve their marketing goals. The new experience, Outcome-Driven Ad Experiences consolidated 11 legacy objectives into 6 new objectives. This resulted in changes to the API to support the new experience.

Deprecation of legacy objectives API in Q2 2023

We are announcing that beginning with Marketing API v17.0 (to be released in Spring 2023), campaigns can only be created with Outcome-Driven Ad Experience objectives and the legacy objectives will be deprecated. Existing legacy campaigns and duplication of existing legacy campaigns will still be supported, and not be impacted.

Impacted Legacy Objectives

Beginning with Marketing API v17.0, the endpoint POST {ad-account-id}/campaigns will be impacted with the below objectives being deprecated:


For more details on how to select a new Outcome-Driven Ad Experience objective based on the deprecated objectives you may have used in the past, see here.

Impacted Parameters

Because Outcome-Driven Ad Experience objectives are now available to all Ad Accounts, two parameters that distinguish between accounts with and without the new experience are now obsolete. These parameters will be deprecated with Marketing API v17.0.

  • The write parameter odax_opt_in for the Ad Account node will be deprecated.

  • Similarly, reading the field has_advertiser_opted_in_odax on Ad Account will be deprecated.

Store traffic objective in the API

The legacy objective for store traffic, STORE_VISITS, will be deprecated with Marketing API v17.0. To create store traffic campaigns, advertisers can instead use the new campaign objective OUTCOME_AWARENESS. See the guidance below for details on creating store traffic campaigns.

Prerequisite: Page Structure Setup

Assuming the business operates from multiple stores, you must first have a Page structure set up with a main Page. Refer to the guides below to learn how to do this in Business Manager or via the API.

Creating Store Traffic Ads

To create a store traffic campaign, use the following three parameters when creating the campaign and ad set.

  • Campaign Objective = OUTCOME_AWARENESS
  • Adset Promoted Object should contain PLACE_PAGE_SET_ID parameter
  • Adset Optimization Goal = REACH