We're sorry, but the information in this post is over a year old and may be outdated. You can look for updated info by browsing our docs or trying a search.

We've been working with the larger dev community to make it easier to integrate with Facebook. Here are a couple of new docs on the site to help you get started more quickly.

Plugins and Services

In June, we launched the Facebook for WordPress Plugin, which has over 140,000 downloads so far. We've also worked with PhoneGap and Heroku. See the full, up-to-date, list on our new Third-Party Plugins and Services page.

Facebook for PhoneGap


We know a lot of you don't build iOS, Android, PHP or JavaScript apps. Along with making calls directly to the Graph API to integrate with Facebook, you can also use third-party SDKs.

We've highlighted these SDKs on the new Third-Party SDKs page.