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Discover native Android apps through Facebook

Michael Marucheck
April 24, 2012

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December 20, 2012

With the latest update to Facebook for Android, we are bringing social app discovery channels to native Android apps.

After introducing social app discovery for mobile web apps on Android and native apps on iOS, apps and games like Pinterest, BranchOut, Diamond Dash, and Words with Friends quickly started seeing millions of people visit their apps from Facebook every month.

With this release, social app discovery for native apps is available on both Android and iOS.

Users can now discover native apps directly from Facebook for Android using the same social channels, such as Requests, Bookmarks, and News Feed, that are available on other platforms.

Once you have a mobile optimized version of your app ready with Facebook Single Sign On, simply go to app settings, enable Android Native Deep Linking, and fill out the required fields.

To get started, see our documentation on Android Native Linking and watch our tutorial video below.

For a higher quality version, click here.

If you are an Android Developer and new to our platform, you can get started with our Android Tutorial.

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