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Developer Spotlight: iHeartRadio

April 16, 2012

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iHeartRadio is a social music web and mobile app where people can customize their radio listening experience and create personalized stations.

iHeartRadio web app

iHeartRadio mobile app

What iHeartRadio Does Well

iHeartRadio uses web login and single sign-on for Android and iOS to make it easy for people to log in with Facebook.
They build user trust by educating people on how to turn sharing on / off and showing a facepile of friends who like the app.
Consistent education and sharing experiences across their web and mobile apps minimizes user confusion.

Implementation Profile

Actions - Objects
  • Listen – Song / Station (built-in listen):
    "Bryant Lee listened to the Chris Lake Radio station"
  • Top Radio Stations (Top 4)
  • Top Radio Station
  • Listened To

Since launching with Open Graph, iHeartRadio has seen the number of Facebook-connected monthly active users increase by 30X.

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