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Developer Spotlight: Izlesene

Izlesene is a video sharing web site that helps people discover and share short form videos with friends.

What Izlesene Does Well
Izlesene offers a simple way for people to share the videos they watch with friends by using the built-in Open Graph watch action. Izlesene educates people and communicates the key benefits of sharing activity with friends.

Izlesene optimizes conversion for the auth dialog by performing A/B tests. Izlesene discovered that some people who initially declined the auth dialog will accept it if they are given more context. Presenting the dialog again with a facepile of friends who use the app and a clear call to action made the experience relevant and familiar, which increased conversion.

Implementation Profile

Actions - Objects
  • Watch - Video:
    "Stephane Crozatier watched a video"
    • Recently Watched
    • Top Videos

    Since launching with Open Graph at f8, Izlesene's monthly active users have grown from 250,000 to over 4,000,000. The number of videos a user views per day has increased over 3X.