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Applications Menu Updates

December 16, 2008

Since we released the new profile design, we’ve heard a lot of positive feedback on the new experience, as well as a lot of feedback on how we could improve application discoverability and bookmarking. We’ve been running several tests to validate feature suggestions that may make it easier for users to find and use their applications.

Today we are adding a section for recently used applications to the top of the Application Menu. This section will help users find applications that they have used but not yet bookmarked. We’ve tested different versions of this feature over time and found users to be more responsive to this iteration than to earlier versions.

Looking ahead, we're always improving the user experience of the profile, and are working on other new features that may either enhance or replace this one if we find they more effectively help users discover and interact with your applications. As always, if you have feedback about the changes to the Applications Menu, send it to us on the Developer Forum.

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