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November 16 at 11:10amby Ming Li

We're continuously evaluating how to best serve our developer community. To support this effort, we recently reviewed our product offerings to ensure our resources are focused on building and enhancing the solutions that create the most value for developers.

As a result, some products will sunset in order for us to build new products for our...

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November 7 at 1:02pmby Dan Xu

In the newest Graph API (v2.11), we're making updates, including changes to the Pages API and App Links Host. We support each version of the Graph API two years from the next version release so you always have two years to upgrade. Check to see how much longer we will be supporting the version of the Graph API you are running.

Pages API Updates


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October 24 at 1:00amby Ime Archibong

F8, our biggest conference of the year, is happening at the McEnery Convention Center in San Jose, CA on May 1 and 2, 2018. Facebook’s annual developer conference showcases new technologies and tools and the amazing work of the developers who are using them. In addition to more than 50 sessions, attendees can experience interactive demos, have the...

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October 5 at 12:08pmby Shashank Gupta

On September 19, 2017, Apple released iOS11 and with it, Safari’s new Intelligent Tracking Prevention (ITP). ITP limits the use of 3rd party cookies to 24 hours and deletes a site's cookies entirely for sites not visited within a 30-day period. This will affect developers who use Facebook Social Plugins, Facebook Analytics and Facebook Login.


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September 26 at 10:55amby Art Beatte IV

We've made some important updates to our Android SDK to help keep your mobile apps lean and make it easier to take advantage of our analytics tools.

Today, we're splitting the Android SDK into sub-modules so you only need to add libraries for the features your app uses. This helps developers build accessible, engaging apps with code that's...

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September 7 at 2:24pmby Matt Terrell

Developers around the globe use Facebook products and services to build impactful solutions. Now, they have a chance to develop products to support their communities with the new Developer Circles Community Challenge and win up to $20,000 USD.

Developer Circles from Facebook is a great way for developers to connect and collaborate. Each Circle is...

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August 31 at 11:27amby Ravi Gummadi

We are upgrading the Instagram API to Facebook's Graph API. With this upgrade, developers can increase their efficiency by utilizing the existing, comprehensive Graph API SDKs, receive technical support, and monitor app activity with a set of dashboards. The new API is now available to all developers.

We are also introducing new features to the...

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July 25 at 9:18amby Jakub Pudełek

Today, Adobe announced its plans to stop updating and distributing Flash Player at the end of 2020. We're working with Adobe, Apple, Google, Microsoft, Mozilla, and Unity to create a migration path for developers that use Flash to power their games on Facebook.

Open Web Standards Advancements for Games
As open web standards like WebGL and HTML5...

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