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Link Clicks Updates

November 16, 2016ByChristine Lu

In October 2015 we launched API v2.5 and announced the addition of new Inline Link Click metrics, along with the deprecation of Clicks(All) and CPC metrics. With this update, we identified that some click metrics were still using the Clicks(All) metric. To address this, we are adding four new Inline Link Click metrics to API v2.4+ which can be used in place of Clicks(All).

We also are extending the timeline to deprecate Clicks(All) and CPC metrics until the deprecation of API v2.8, so partners and advertisers have time to update their API to utilize these new metrics.

On March 15th, the following four new Inline Link Click metrics will be available in API v2.4+:

  • Inline_link_click_ctr
  • Unique_inline_link_clicks
  • Cost_per_unique_inline_link_click
  • Unique_inline_link_click_ctr

The list of metrics that currently use the Clicks(All) metric and should be updated with the Inline Link Click metrics are as follows:

  • clicks should be replaced with inline_link_clicks
  • cpc should be replaced with cost_per_inline_link_click
  • ctr should be replaced with inline_link_click_ctr
  • unique_clicks should be replaced with unique_inline_link_clicks
  • cost_per_unique_click should be replaced with cost_per_unique_inline_link_click
  • unique_ctr should be replaced with unique_inline_link_click_ctr

You should update your API to use the new Inline Link Click metrics for more accurate link click reporting as soon as possible. Documentation referring to the addition of the new Inline Link Click metrics are here:

Click Metric Definitions

To drive clarity around the difference between existing click metrics, please refer to the below definitions:

Inline Link Clicks, inline_link_clicks: This metric is defined as the number of clicks on links to select destinations or experiences, on or off Facebook-owned properties. The Inline Link Clicks metric uses a fixed 1-day click-through attribution window, 1d_click from Link Click actions, actions:link_click. Inline Link Clicks continues to be the metric used for click optimization and CPA billing. The metric includes link clicks that may lead to:

  • Websites
  • App stores or app deep links
  • Click to call
  • Click to message
  • Maps/directions app
  • Facebook Canvas
  • Facebook lead forms
  • Facebook Marketplace
  • Videos hosted by another website, including videos embedded in News Feed ads but hosted on a video platform such as YouTube or Vimeo

Link Clicks, actions:link_click: This metric utilizes the same definition as Inline Link Clicks, however it respects the attribution window action_attribution_windows setting in your query. It is set to a 28-day click, 1-day view, 28d_click, 1d_view attribution window by default.

Clicks(All), clicks: This metric is defined as the total number of clicks on your ad. This may include Inline Link Clicks, as well as Page likes, post comments, or event responses.

You can use the new Inline Link Clicks metrics as of March 15th in v2.4+ of the Insights API. You may continue using the existing clicks metrics that utilize Clicks(All) until API v2.8 is deprecated. At that time, all derived metrics from Clicks(All) will be deprecated alongside Clicks(All) and its CPC metric.