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Announcing Marketing APIs v2.5

Today, we're delighted to announce the next version of the Marketing APIs version 2.5.

Marketing APIs v2.5 Feature Highlights

The following are the major changes for Marketing APIs v2.5:

  • Lead ads are now available to all advertisers - all advertisers will now be able to collect contact information and other qualifiers from potential customers directly within the ad. More details on Lead ads

  • Campaign naming structure changes - the Marketing API endpoints, params, fields, and enums are now the same as the campaign naming structures in the user interface. The major changes are below:

    • /adcampaign_groups in the Marketing APIs have been changed to /campaigns
    • /adcampaigns in the Marketing APIs have been changed to /adsets
    • /adgroups in the Marketing APIs have been changed to /ads
  • Objective naming and support changes

    • Support for creating Objective='NONE' has been removed. Objective='NONE' is still available on the read path. If you have an existing Objective='NONE' campaign, it will still be supported in v2.5
    • Naming for objective WEBSITE_CLICKS has been changed to LINK_CLICKS
    • Naming for objective WEBSITE_CONVERSIONS has been changed to CONVERSIONS
  • Improvements and simplifications in targeting, budgeting, buying, DPA, and local awareness

For a full list of the changes, please check the changelog. We'd like to remind the developer community that v2.3 of the Marketing API has been deprecated and all apps need to be on at least v2.4.

How to Upgrade to Marketing APIs v2.5

To upgrade to v2.5, please reference the Graph APIs v2.5 changelog. SDK developers should download our latest PHP and Python Ads API SDKs. Web developers should specify /v2.5/ in your URLs when calling the Graph API.