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Now you can create ads on Instagram via Facebook Marketing APIs

September 30, 2015ByJay Yan

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Today we have opened the API access to Instagram Ads to all Facebook Marketing Developers, for all advertisers, in all countries. Using the same Facebook Marketing APIs that you are familiar with already, you can now create ads for 400 million active monthly Instagram users.

The steps to create an Instagram ad are as follows:

  • Create an Instagram account if you do not have one yet.
  • Claim the Instagram account into your business with Business Manager, or ask your client to do it and assign your business as the agency of their Instagram Account.
  • Assign one or more ad accounts to the Instagram account in Business Manager.
  • Create a campaign with one of these objectives: WEBSITE_CLICKS, MOBILE_APP_INSTALLS, and VIDEO_VIEWS. More objectives are coming soon.
  • Create an ad set with targeting={'page_types':['instagramstream', ...],...}.
  • Create an ad creative with instagram_actor_id , which ought to be the id of the Instagram account you can see in Business Manager. We support link_data and video_data in ad creative now, and the image or video can be either square or landscape, or anything in between.
  • Create an ad and run!

The next version of our PHP Ads SDK and Python Ads SDK will have those new fields needed for Instagram ads included.

After creating your ad, you can leverage existing Marketing APIs to fetch details. For example, Instagram is supported in /reachestimate, /generatepreviews, /previews, and /insights.

For more information, check out the Instagram Ads APIs doc. As we are introducing new features to Instagram Ads quickly, come to read the document even if you had before!