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v2.2 Reminder

March 5, 2015ByChristine Lu

The first versioning cycle of the Marketing API's, announced October 22, will be going into effect next week, March 11. See the changelog and upgrade guide for the list of this version's changes.

With the upcoming deadline approaching, make sure your app is fully migrated and check out some tips below:

Check your app's progress

For certain eligible apps, you check the percentage of calls your app has made in v2.x at Use this as a tool to identify if you've missed any calls:

Change the default endpoints

It's common for developers to have a base function that constructs the API call to Make sure to change that to

It's also advised to architect your tool in a way that allows easily overriding any particular endpoint to a previous version. For example, while every endpoint may default to v2.2, you could have the ad account endpoint only use v2.1 for a short period of time.

Common pitfall: Migration panel does not affect Marketing API's

The migration panel in your app's settings has a toggle to use Graph API v2.0 by default. Note that this does not affect calls to Marketing API endpoints, which require a version number explicitly listed in the call, e.g. Furthermore, it only defaults Graph API calls to v2.0, not v2.2.

Check uncommon scenarios

Most of you are upgrading your production calls to ensure they are all hitting v2.2. Make sure to also upgrade your test and staging apps and any unit tests to v2.2 as well.

Submit for Login Review ASAP

In addition to the March 11th deadline for Marketing API v2.2 enforcement, all apps will need to submit for Login Review by April 30th, an independent process from upgrading your API calls. Make sure to submit ASAP and check out the Platform Blog for more details.