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Enable Business OBO Relationships for Business Ad Accounts

November 13, 2018ByWei Zhao

We've recently launched a feature for developers to start integration with the on-behalf-of (OBO) relationship for ad accounts. The benefit of doing so unlocks features for the ad account owners, including Custom Audience sizes and use of the audience overlap tool.

We're introducing 6 new endpoints to help developers enable the business OBO relationship for ad accounts:

  • POST endpoint to create new OBO requests, where the caller needs to specify the end business ID and business asset ID (Ad Account ID)


  • GET endpoint to view an OBO request


  • GET endpoint for viewing OBO requests of an ad account


  • GET endpoint for viewing received in-progress OBO requests of a business


  • GET endpoint for viewing sent in-progress OBO requests of a business


  • DELETE endpoint to cancel existing in-progress OBO request


Learn how to get started with the Business OBO feature.

For more information, see Managing Your Relationship as an Ad Agency Acting on Behalf of Another Business and About Advertising on Behalf of Other Businesses.