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Enable and Update Automatic Advanced Matching for Ads Pixels

November 12, 2018ByDong Li

We previously announced about an automatic version of advanced matching for the Facebook pixel. As part of that advanced matching, we recognize that many businesses capture email address as part of events, such as InitiateCheckout, Purchase, and CompleteRegistration.

Our Automatic Advanced Matching technology is able to detect certain website text fields, such as an email address, and automatically associate it with corresponding events. The result is more conversions, better optimization, and higher reach for remarketing campaigns.

To increase the efficiency of Automatic Advanced Matching opt-in, we're releasing the API for enabling and updating Automatic Advanced Matching settings for Ads Pixels. As such, the following fields have been added:

  • enable_automatic_matching to enable or disable Automatic Advanced Matching
  • automatic_matching_fields to configure what fields you would like to send

For any pixel in place, existing users can now opt-in to Automatic Advanced Matching by one of these methods:

  • Go to Events Manager > Settings tab.
  • Use the API by setting the enable_automatic_matching field to true.

You can read or update relevant Automatic Advanced Matching fields by sending a GET or POST request to the automatic_matching_fields field.

Example - READ

curl -X GET \
  -d "fields=enable_automatic_matching, automatic_matching_fields" \
  -d "access_token=<ACCESS_TOKEN>" \

Example - UPDATE

curl -X POST \
  -F "enable_automatic_matching=true" \
  -F "automatic_matching_fields=[
  -F "access_token=<ACCESS_TOKEN>" \

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