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Booking Travel with Flight Ads on Facebook

September 6, 2018ByShirley Chen

Travelers feel that brands should tailor their information based on personal preferences and past behaviors — thanks in large part to a rise in expectations driven by the mobile device. As such, Facebook has been working with travel advertisers to address personalization's growing role in the travel journey.

Solutions, like Travel Ads and trip consideration, enable advertisers to reach people who've shown an interest in a specific hotel, destination, or a general intent to travel. To continue to address this trend, today we're making it easier for airline advertisers to reach potential travelers no matter where they are in their booking journey.

Up until now, Flight Ads, previously named Dynamic Ads for Travel for Flights, enabled airlines to use their flight catalogue to promote inventory by route and schedule if a traveler had visited their website or app to search for a particular flight. Now airline advertisers can use Flight Ads to reach people who have either expressed a general intent to travel or identified a desired destination, but may not have visited the airline's sites or apps. For example, once a traveler has expressed interest in a particular destination, an airline can now promote similar popular flight routes to that destination from the traveler's origin city. Within the industry, this is commonly known as prospecting.

With the introduction of Flight Ads for prospecting, flight advertisers can automatically optimize their campaigns to reach travelers using the most relevant creative — whether it's dynamic flight inventory promoting a specific route or a static creative to drive travelers to their site or app.

Learn more about Creating Travel Ads.

We're committed to our mission of being a partner and platform for all businesses to thrive; and we believe this product will play an important part of helping travel advertisers grow their business and help people find more relevant ads.

This Flight Ad for Prospecting product is not available for all advertisers until the end of September 2018. If you're an advertiser and would like to be whitelisted, please contact your Facebook account team.