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Test, Learn, and Optimize Your Content

May 23, 2018BySekou White

Naytev, the content optimization company, built a platform that integrates with Facebook’s Marketing APIs to enable content publishers to test and optimize content they publish to Facebook, typically driving a 2.5X increase in publisher revenue from Facebook referral visits.

Their Story | Optimizing Content to Drive Revenue

Naytev helps brands and publishers optimize their content on Facebook for better engagement by enabling teams to easily test different ways of presenting images, articles, and video content in the Facebook News Feed.

Their Goal | Identifying What Resonates

Naytev wanted to help brands and content publishers, such as Funny Or Die, identify the best way to present content to their target audiences on Facebook. It developed an API-integrated platform that systematically creates a testing framework around the advertiser's set goals. As the ads run, the platform leverages its integration into the Insights API to dynamically optimize content performance, based on real results.

"Naytev allows us to quickly test and measure which message will have the most impact and helps us package our content in a way that resonates with the largest audience. We are excited to continue working with Naytev and driving even more audience engagement and growth on Facebook." - Patrick Starzan, SVP Marketing & GM Social Media, Funny Or Die

Their Solution | More Robust Testing in Less Time

To automate and streamline Funny Or Die’s content testing process, Naytev relied on Facebook Marketing APIs to run content tests, Facebook Insights APIs to deliver actionable intelligence, and Facebook Graph APIs to help manage user accounts and apply test results.

In combining these APIs, Naytev was able to build a platform which enables clients to:

Create multiple versions of a post. Content publishers like Funny Or Die can enter multiple options for each creative element (for example, images, titles, descriptions, and video cuts) then create all permutations as unique ads.

Post the best version to their page Naytev's platform generates a tailored ad set structure, which makes it possible for content publishers to easily review and compare performance. With these insights, advertisers can quickly identify and promote the best performing content for their target audiences on Facebook.

Using Facebook’s API also allows Naytev to scale its own client acquisition operations, while still offering its own clients a high-performance platform and an unparalleled customer experience.

Their Success | Data-Driven Optimization

By integrating with Facebook APIs, Naytev’s platform enables extensive automation and scalability of content testing. This makes it possible for brands and publishers to not only quickly create advanced content presentation tests, but also easily access and learn from insights on content performance.

Publishers can enjoy:

  • 2.5X increase in publisher revenue from Facebook referral visits
  • 15X faster test creation using APIs, compared to manual tests
  • The ability to efficiently run hundreds to thousands of content tests monthly

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