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Introducing Marketing API v3.0

We're releasing Marketing API version 3.0 at May 1, 2018, 10:30 am PT. This new release provides developers greater control over reach and frequency predictions and updates several outdated endpoints and fields.

Feature Highlights

Bid Strategy

We introduced the new field bid_strategy for act_{ad-account-id}/adsets. This new field enables you to select an ads bidding strategy based on your business goals. Each strategy has advantages and tradeoffs. Options include:

  • LOWEST_COST - Get the most results based on your ad set budget and delivery optimization_goal. Facebook will automatically bid more as needed to spend your budget.
  • TARGET_COST - Provides stable average costs for your ads as you increase your ad set budget.

For more information, see Bidding and Optimization and Ad Set, Reference.

Collection Ads, Creating

New API for Creating Collection Ads - In the past, Facebook created a canvas in the background each time you created a collection ad. This limited your access to the underlying canvas; you could not use it to retarget audiences with canvas engagement audiences. Now when you create a collection ad from product sets, you must also explicitly create a canvas with the correct elements. When you use this canvas in a collection ad, Facebook automatically generates the collection ad. For more details, see Collection Ads from Product Sets.

Breaking Changes

For the latest breaking changes, see details here.

Upgrading to Marketing API v3.0

To see all changes in v3.0, see the Graph APIs v3.0 Changelog.

SDK developers should view our latest Java SDK, PHP SDK, or Python SDK for Marketing API. Web developers should specify /v3.0/ in your URLs when you call the API.