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Changes to Targeting Availability for 'Interested In'

February 27, 2018ByAmy Oakes Dunn

As of February 7, 2018, we've removed “Interested in” targeting, which applies to all advertisers who use or have used 'Interested in Men', 'Interested in Women', 'Interested in Men and Women', or 'Interested in Unspecified' for targeting options.

For new ad campaigns, we recommend that advertisers use 'Relationship Status' Interests for targeting. Existing campaigns using “Interested in” targeting will continue to run until their end date; however, these targeting options will no longer be available for new ad creation or duplication. Additionally, any existing campaigns utilizing the “Interested in” campaigns that require editing, will have “Interested In” removed and will need to update their targeting. These campaigns can also leverage 'Relationship Status' Interest targeting as an alternative.

From time to time, Facebook evaluates the current options we offer within targeting. In some cases, we make decisions to add or delete options. In those cases, we strive to provide communication and support to impacted clients and continue to work to bring quality targeting options to the market.

If you would like to be listed as a Dating advertiser, request for approval here.