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Reach Estimation Availability - Updates

January 23, 2018ByMike Ivanov

As noted in our advertising principles, we're constantly looking to improve the quality and security of our advertising platforms. After identifying a technical issue with reach estimation for Custom Audiences that could potentially allow misuse of the functionality, we're temporarily removing the ability to see audience sizes or potential reach estimates for newly created or edited Custom Audiences in Ads Manager and Power Editor, followed by the Ads API by December 22, 2017.

As of December 22, 2017, the endpoints below no longer support targeting specifications that contain the following custom audience objects (under either exclusions or inclusions), offline conversions API and Facebook Analytics:

  • Custom Audiences from a customer file with more than 1 key (multikey matching)
  • Data file Custom Audience (subtype = CUSTOM). The update does not apply to targeting specifications that combine a Data file Custom Audience with the same keys; for example, all custom audiences in the specs contain are based on emails.
  • Offline conversions Custom Audiences (and Offline Conversions API)
    • Offline Conversion Custom Audience (subtype = OFFLINE_CONVERSION)
  • Website and mobile app Custom Audiences if using advanced matching
    • Website Custom Audience with Personal Identifiable Information (PII) (subtype = WEBSITE)
    • Mobile App Custom Audience w/PII (subtype = APP)



Additionally, the endpoints listed below will not support targeting specs that combine multiple Custom Audiences (under either exclusions or inclusions), with the exception of the following Custom Audience Types:

  • Multiple Audiences from a customer file with the same key (for example, only emails) (subtype = CUSTOM)
  • Website Custom Audiences that are not using advanced matching (subtype = WEBSITE)1
  • Mobile App Audiences that are not using advanced matching (subtype = APP)1
  • Engagement Custom Audiences (subtype = ENGAGEMENT)1

1Marked Custom Audience types can also be combined together.



If your application sends an API call with an unsupported reach estimation request after December 22, 2017:

  • The API returns a “-1” value as an audience size estimate.
  • The call to /act_{ad_account_id}/reachfrequencypredictions returns a prediction ID (as normal).
  • When you make a call to load the details associated with that prediction ID, the total audience size field is “-1”.

Website or mobile app Custom Audiences that don't include customer data and engagement Custom Audiences are unaffected by this update.

Note: You can still create Custom Audiences and ads using any type of Custom Audiences on our platform. Ads delivery and reporting and access to all other data in Facebook Analytics remains unaffected by this change.

We're currently investigating solutions to restore these reach estimates in our interfaces and will provide updates as they're available.

Here are some samples of what those API calls now returning -1 look like:

  "data": [
      "approximate_count": -1,
      "id": "23842810345170478"

  "approximate_count": -1,
  "id": "23842711281410478",
  "fb_trace_id": "HhwX+U5NzJd"

  "data": {
    "users": -1,
    "bid_estimations": [...]