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Targeting Exclusions

We've recently been alerted to an issue in our ads creation process where advertisers could create ads that violate our ads policies.

What we're doing to fix this issue

  • Actively working to strengthen our review process
  • Continuing to enforce our ad policies against discriminatory behavior on Facebook
  • Removing the ability to exclude detailed targeting options (such as multicultural affinity segments or related terms) during ads creation
  • Implementing limitations to the exclusion targeting functionality to avoid potential abuse
  • Introducing a new is_exclusion (bool) parameter to verify if a targeting object is eligible for targeting exclusion, on the following API endpoints:

    • /search for types (classes: interests, behaviors): adinterestvalid, adTargetingCategory, adinterestcategory, adinterestcategory
    • /targetingsearch
    • /targetingbrowse
    • /targetingvalidation

We understand that marketers often use exclusion targeting to create refined audiences within a larger targeting audience to help businesses reach just the right audience; for example, to prevent advertisers from targeting customers that have already purchased a product or to remove specific locations where they don't operate. Those types of exclusion targeting will still be available for ad creation.

This update applies to multicultural affinity segments and other potentially sensitive segments (for example, those ads that relate to the LGBT community or to religious groups) that may be subject to expanded review before they appear on Facebook.

If you run ads targeting these options by inclusion, you'll receive an in-product notification that requires you to acknowledge adherence to our anti-discrimination policies. Advertisers running ads for housing, employment or credit/finance will receive the notification regardless of targeting.

Our advertising principles are clear and express our views on types of behavior that we endorse and oppose. Above all, we remain committed to making sure we're building a platform that allows for more meaningful connections between people and businesses