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Rules Engine Quickstart

November 8, 2017ByZain Aziz

As we continually invest in improving our Marketing API workflow for new developers who build Ads management apps, we observed that many developers have found Quickstart wizards to be useful in onboarding to our Marketing APIs. Quickstarts are an educational tool that can shorten the time it takes to build a functional app by providing self-contained, executable, sample code blocks based on your selections.

We're releasing a new quickstart on the Marketing API App dashboard. This new quickstart helps you create your first Trigger-or Schedule-based rule using the Ad Rules engine on the Marketing APIs. The Ad Rules engine is a central rule management service that helps you manage ads more easily, efficiently, and intelligently. There are 2 forms of rules:

  • Schedule-Based Rules—Evaluated on a set-time interval.
  • Trigger-Based Rules—Check if the rule condition is true each time the ads insights or metadata changes.

Access the new Quickstart

On the Marketing API App dashboard, click Create an Ad Rule.

The Quickstart walks you through a series of steps you need to generate the code to create Ad rules. You can create a Schedule-based rule or a Trigger-based rule. The rule is determined by your selection in the Rule Type quickstart step. The code generated for either of these scenarios is different based on your selections.

After you complete your selections, download sample code generated for the selected scenario. The final step of the Quickstart shows you how to run this code sample.

We're releasing the new Ad Rules Quickstart flows immediately. For more information on previous Quickstarts, refer to these blog posts, Marketing API Quickstart Available and Dynamic Ads and Custom Audience Quickstart.