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Dynamic Ads for Travel Broad Audience

November 2, 2017ByCecile Ho

Last year, we launched Dynamic Ads for travel for advertisers to automatically show ads to people who previously demonstrated interest in taking a trip on their website or mobile app.

We're pleased to introduce broad audience targeting for Dynamic Ads for travel. This feature can help hotel advertisers expand their acquisition efforts beyond recent website and app visitors. By utilizing broadly targeted audiences, combined with bidding for offsite conversions, Dynamic Ads for travel enables you to greatly expand the reach of your hotel ads and promote relevant hotel ads to people who are more likely to book.

Set up broad audience targeting in an ad set:

  1. Create an audience using basic demographic targeting (for example, age and gender), such as women in the U.S., 18-years old and older.
  2. Include customers targeted by existing retargeting campaigns, but consider excluding people who have purchased in the last 10 days.
  3. Use a broad product set with over 100 hotels.
  4. Optimize for OFFSITE_CONVERSIONS with stronger intent signals, such as Purchase or InitiateCheckout.

  -F 'name=Broad Audience Targeting' 
  -F 'bid_amount=800' 
  -F 'billing_event=IMPRESSIONS' 
  -F 'daily_budget=15000' 
  -F 'campaign_id=CAMPAIGN_ID' 
  -F 'targeting={ 
    "age_max": 65, 
    "age_min": 18, 
    "geo_locations": {"countries":["US"]}, 
    "genders": [2], 
    "excluded_dynamic_audience_ids": ["EXCLUDED_DYNAMIC_AUDIENCE_ID"] 
  -F 'promoted_object={"product_set_id":"PRODUCT_SET_ID","custom_event_type":"PURCHASE"}' 
  -F 'optimization_goal=OFFSITE_CONVERSIONS' 
  -F 'status=PAUSED' 
  -F 'access_token=ACCESS_TOKEN'

Follow the same setup as in Dynamic Ads for travel.

This broad audience targeting feature is available to all hotel advertisers. We'll provide more updates as we make it available for promoting flights.