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December 13 2017

How do you build in a world that moves fast?

We're excited to share this year's Global Partner Summit with you, where we're encouraging Partners to "Build Beyond". The summit – our biggest Partner event of the year – is happening October 4–5, 2017 at The Palace of Fine Arts and Exhibition Center in San Francisco. It's our annual event where we talk about Facebook, Instagram, and Messenger product roadmaps, share key opportunities for growth, and give Partners a place to connect with each other and share ideas.

Our theme for this year's summit is “Build Beyond”. It’s an invitation to be bold in how we build and grow at a time when products, people, and ideas change faster than ever. It’s our call to take risks, and to take them together – knowing that when we dare to go big, we can accomplish amazing things.

Global Partner Summit is by invitation only and admits one person. If you haven't received an invitation, please reach out to your Partner manager.

What's the focus

  • On Day 1 (Oct. 4), we'll focus on current products and solutions, and explore insights about customer segmentation and various verticals.
  • On Day 2 (Oct. 5), we'll pivot to looking ahead - exploring where we see opportunities to "Build Beyond".

Keynote speakers

Joining the following keynote speakers will be speakers on Facebook and Instagram roadmaps, and special guest speakers with inspiring stories of successful innovation and growth.

  • On Day 1 (Oct. 4) — Gene Alston, VP of Partnerships, will kick off the event. Maria Smith, Director of Product Management, will discuss the power of nonlinear innovation, and challenge us to think about new ways to build.
  • On Day 2 (Oct. 5) — David Marcus, VP of Messaging Products, will share roadmaps for Messenger.

Can't make the summit?

You can tune in during the event to watch select keynotes, broadcast on Facebook Live on the Facebook Marketing Partners page.

If you can't be there in person, we still invite you to think about how you can “Build Beyond” on our platforms. After the event, we'll post videos from the entire event, also on the Facebook Marketing Partners page.

Every day, Partners are discovering new solutions using our platforms that take marketing to new heights in new ways — and this is just the beginning.

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