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Sekou White
September 20, 2017

Decoded is a series of technical sessions that are aimed to inspire and educate marketing developers, about a range of coding and automation topics. The goal of these sessions is to help developers better understand how to overcome implementation challenges and focus on what customers need most. Led by Solutions Engineers, we've ran 5 events in 2017—Berlin, Sao Paulo, London, Paris, and Singapore.

Learn more about the Facebook Marketing API, measuring online and offline conversions, using Messenger at scale, and more!

Foundational Facebook Marketing—Solid foundations support great structures. Without a solid tracking foundation and smooth user experience, any marketing is suboptimal. Learn how to implement best in class website and app tracking, provide a seamless mobile app experience, and get started using our API. Learn More

Facebook Marketing API 101—The Marketing API gives you programmatic access to the Facebook Marketing Platform and allows big gains in efficiency by automating many manual tasks taken every day. Learn about how to get started and some top tips that we will build on throughout the day. Learn More

Real-Time CRM Integrations—Keeping your CRM data and Facebook data in sync is the difference between relevant and irrelevant marketing. Learn how to use our Custom Audiences API, Lead Ads API, and Offline Conversion API to maximize how relevant your marketing can be with Facebook. Learn More

Measurement is Crucial—With the recent launch of the Split Testing and Lift APIs, applying the scientific method to your marketing is now a reality. Learn More

Building Marketing Dashboards—Combining Insights Data with other sources of data in a simple dashboard is a powerful tool to be able to view data the way that matters to you. Learn how using React.js and Redux makes building data driven dashboard easy. Learn More

Messenger Bots—Messaging is a central experience on mobile, connecting people to people. Increasingly, it is a commercial experience, supporting communication between people and businesses. We will share insights into people's commercial behavior on Messenger, how to leverage Messenger for Business, and the latest developments with Messenger Platform. Learn More

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