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Dynamic Ads Quickstart

Zain Aziz
August 2, 2017

We want to improve Marketing API workflows for new developers interested in building ads management or marketing insights apps. We found many developers delayed development during the early stages and don't go on to use Marketing API. Quickstarts are step-by-step on-boarding flows that walk you through the process of creating a Sandbox account and an access token you can use during app development.

Quickstarts are more than educational tools; they shorten the time it takes you to build a functional app by providing self-contained executable sample code blocks based on your selections. To try it out, click here.

We are releasing two enhancements for our Quickstarts to help you start using the Marketing API to setup Dynamic Ads and build custom audience.

Each Quickstart panel guides you step-by-step through each stage of making your first Marketing API call. We are launching two more flows:

  • Setup Dynamic Ads — Generate code samples to setup Dynamic Ads through Marketing API

  • Build Custom Audiences— Generate code samples to build Custom Audiences

After you complete your selections, download sample code generated for each scenario. The final step of these Quickstarts shows you how to run this code sample.

We are releasing the two flows immediately. You can find them with all other Quickstarts for Marketing API and the two new ones are available to everyone on July 25th, 2017.

To read more about two Quickstarts we released earlier: Promote your Page, and Create Ad Reports, see Marketing API Quickstart Available.

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