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Ruby Ads SDK

Today we're announcing beta release of Facebook Ads API SDK for Ruby, known as the Ruby Ads SDK. Ruby is an object-oriented scripting language used by both startups and enterprises that focuses on simplicity and productivity. The Ruby Ads SDK leverages Ruby to provide developers a familiar interface to Facebook's Marketing API.

The Ruby Ads SDK features auto-generated files from the Facebook Marketing API which provide close parity with our API interface. This feature enables developers to implement marketing automation with very few lines of code. For example, updating the name of a campaign is as simple as:

FacebookAds::Campaign.get(<CAMPAIGN ID>).tap do |campaign| = 'New Campaign name'

Beyond basic campaign, ad set, and ad-level operations such as retrievals and updates, the SDK also supports image and video uploads, Batch API, logging, and access token management. These capabilities enable you to quickly and easily integrate with the Facebook Marketing API. For detailed usage and guides, see the README file in the code repository. In the next few weeks, we will update sample codes on to include the Ruby SDK as well.

We encourage all developers, even if you're currently using other programming languages, to give the Ruby Ads SDK a try. We'd love to hear your feedback!

The SDK is available for download on Github, and you can also get the SDK via by doing gem install facebookads in command line or adding gem 'facebookads' in your Gemfile.

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