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Facebook Ads Manager for Excel

Advertisers frequently rely on Excel to manage their reporting and evaluate campaign performance, but exporting multiple Facebook accounts to an Excel worksheet takes time. To make this process easier, we're releasing a new Excel 2016 add-in designed to simplify data exports and campaign reporting. Starting today, Facebook Ads Manager for Excel (FAME) enables you to quickly run a single report to download data from multiple ad accounts.

With FAME, you can build your report templates in Excel and download performance data directly into sheets, combining data from multiple Facebook ad accounts without manual integration. Information can be refreshed every 15 minutes to ensure your data is always up to date.

Download FAME for free in the Microsoft Office Store. The FAME add-in seamlessly integrates with Excel 2016 to provide reporting capabilities without any programming involved.

It's easy to create and download reports using your Facebook account. Use the pre-designed templates to quickly pull common metrics or customize your reports to get exactly what you need to know.

Follow these steps to download FAME from the Office Store:

  1. Open Excel 2016 on your computer.
  2. Click Insert.
  3. Click Store to go to the Office Store.
  4. In Search box, enter "Facebook Ads Manager". You now see Facebook Ads Manager for Excel in the list.
  5. Next to Facebook Ads Manager for Excel, click Add.

For more information about FAME, visit the Advertiser Help Center, Facebook Ads Manager for Excel.